Top 16 MMORPG Without AutoPlay For Android & iOS


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New best mmorpg( Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) without auto quest & fight for android & iOS l VinIsHere

As people were requesting/complaining on every my mmorpg video so I did this… actually was gonna make list of new games but couldn’t find much good so I made this overall best hope you guys find some good to play.

*2 of those have auto feature only added because you can still play manually with given directions & map unlike other mmorpg nowadays..

which one is…

37 thoughts on “Top 16 MMORPG Without AutoPlay For Android & iOS

  1. Sao IF is the BEST mmorpg by far in smartphone. No autoplay, REAL open world, not for stages like ALL other """"""mmorpg""""" like Hit, darkness rises, blade 2, honkai impact, etc etc, great graphics and awesome fidelity with the anime in it interfaz, and NO abussive with free to play players. The ONLY one that can compite with this, is the future the pascals wager, the bloodborne / souls for android and i hope so much of it.

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