Top 17 Best Anime Games For Android,iOS 2017!


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New best HD anime android & iOS games.

The term anime means Japanese style animation if you don’t know.

So this are some overall best anime games uptill now not all are new its hard to find good anime games this are some best I could found some games are still in JP language but still easily playable or just wait a little more eng version will be coming soon for most of them.

To download this JP games you can just use VPN to change country of the playstore or easy way download QooApp and…

36 thoughts on “Top 17 Best Anime Games For Android,iOS 2017!

  1. Dude, can't you differentiate Chinese from Japanese? It's pretty obvious. You announce SAO – Black Swordsman as JP, when it's all but clear with just one glance at the text, that this game is in CHINESE. They only kept the original voices – which you don't play in your teaser – as they should be. It's just another japanese license, published by a japanese editor, that got released for the chinese public again. As illogical as it seems. So you might think you're excusable, but the fact that you can't tell one from the other despite the obvious difference remains.

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