Top 7 Best Open World Games Android/ios 2018


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In this video u will find out what are the top 7 best open world games for your android and ios device. This list includes the most popular and best gmes that people love. All of these games are free but inlcude in app purchase.

Here is the list to the best open world games for android and ios

7) Gangstar New Orleans

6) Dead Rivals

5) Morphite

22 thoughts on “Top 7 Best Open World Games Android/ios 2018

  1. In my opinion the number 1 should be Gangstar Vegas.
    Graphics, story, sandbox, sounds, and all you can expect from a gta inspired game.
    If I can dare to say it, best games of all times are gta 5, gangstar vegas and watchdogs 2

  2. So far I don't see iron blade being an open world at all, been playing nothing yet. Open world is control your charecter and explore and do quests you chose and have side quests. Iron blade so far has none.

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