Tutorial: Enhancing Android UI with Custom Views


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Building custom View components is a necessary part of embracing creative UI design. This tutorial walks you through the process of building custom Views and ViewGroups on Android.

View Tutorial Code and Transcript: http://crcl.to/njuok

Additional Android Resources: http://crcl.to/8w615

4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Enhancing Android UI with Custom Views

  1. I’m new to programming Android devices via the Android Studio IDE; I've been taking online courses.  My first goal is to code a single activity for an Android tablet that’s a basic pixel editor.  I'm asking for some advice from on how best to start. 

    I can create a 32×32 matrix, representing the LEDs in a panel, two ways:
       1. Apply a GridView to create a 32×32 grid array
       2. Android's graphics features like Draw to create a 32×32 array

    In either case, I need to be able to change and store the color of each pixel.
    Is either 1 or 2 a superior starting point?

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