Twilio Tutorial: Send SMS Text Message – Python Texting API


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Let’s get Twilio installed and do a tutorial showing you how to send a text message from a Python program. This will only take a minute to get from zero, to text message to your phone. Python texting has never been simpler.

First, create an account on Twilio. Get your Auth code and then run Python. Create a python .py file and put in your auth code. I will show you how. You will need to install the Twilio API on your computer. That is easy enough with one of these commands:


6 thoughts on “Twilio Tutorial: Send SMS Text Message – Python Texting API

  1. Hello I see what you did there and it seems to be the simplest i can find on the net so far but my question is lets say i wanted to send mutliple numbers the same message like a text list hope you can help much appreciated??

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