Using the State Bank Buddy Android app (Video Created as on May 2016)


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State Bank Buddy is SBI’s mobile wallet service and can be used by anyone including users not having an SBI account.

You can login to the Android app using the PIN created during registration. Watch this tutorial video to understand how to add funds to your wallet, receive funds, send funds, recharge your phone, pay bills or view your transaction history.

For information on downloading and registering for the State Bank Buddy Android app, click:

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39 thoughts on “Using the State Bank Buddy Android app (Video Created as on May 2016)

  1. Radii bank aur sabse ghatiya paise to jma kra do aur nikalne ke liye ye atm o atm ghumo aur jandhan account h to 10000. 1month me ye kya h. Atm sudharo apna hamare gao me 2atm pr paise nhi. Paise dalne bolo to gad ake chilayega. Ya bol denge temparly out of service. Achha h

  2. I added money by netbanking and deducted money from my account. But i m not getting money on buddy. I compliant for refund money but still they dont respond me just saying you get money after 4 days. i dont like that app due to there so called technical error

  3. mem plese meri sbi buddy blocked ho gai 25 din ho gaye mere 3000 rupay dub gaye buddy me care me call krta hi dailt complen krte hai aaj tak kuch nhi ho paya mujhe ye mere paise nikAlne hai help me please my n..8955384822

  4. Sbi buddy app,first time used it twice, my 2 transactions show transferred to acc, but it does not reach my bank account, and the customer care service is useless as well, they just keep listening to you and don't reply, just keep repeating, it'll be refunded 5 days, I know that, but it's a loop of invalid transaction and refund. I'm trapped. The money should transfer instantaneously, as it's IMPS, why is the glicht, or it's a fraud?

  5. कृपया गूगल प्ले स्टोर, विंडोज प्ले स्टोर, i-phone, ब्लैकबेरी, इत्यादि से SBI BUDDY (भारतीय स्टेट बैंक का मोबाइल वॉलेट) डाउनलोड कर इनस्टॉल करें एवम् प्रोमो कोड में SBI11208AKJ ही डालें

    IRCTC, आउटलेट शॉपिंग, ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग, बिल पेमेंट्स, इत्यादि पर बेस्ट मार्केट ऑफर्स, डिस्काउंट, कैश बैक, कूपन्स, इत्यादि का लाभ उठाएं

    खुद डाउनलोड करें एवम् अधिक से अधिक मित्रों को डाउनलोड कराएं, प्रोमो कोड का विशेष ध्यान दें

  6. sir, last 10 to 15 days major problem in all cdm in rajkot, facing many ppl errors problem, where i inform this here i share error codes
    → your transaction proceeded
    → last transaction cancel
    → equipment error
    → sorry to unable process
    → sorry some time not working

  7. if i send money to contact list but this person not use buddy app so ? can i send? and some ppl send me money via buddy app then i can get in my main sbi account? and if i want pay in flipkart via buddy app so posible or not?

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