What They Say After 10-Day Vipassana Meditation in Dhamma Java, Indonesia


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Participants of a 10-day Vipassana meditation course in West Java are interviewed to share their experiences and expectations after devoting 100 hours of meditation and observing 240 hours of noble silence.

Meditasi Vipassana diajarkan dalam kursus retreat selama 10 hari
(dilengkapi dengan penginapan dan makanan sehari-hari)
Dimana para siswa menjalankan “berdiam diri yang mulia” (tidak bicara) sementara mereka mempelajari teknik meditasi ini. Intruksi dan pengarahan diberikan secara…

6 thoughts on “What They Say After 10-Day Vipassana Meditation in Dhamma Java, Indonesia

  1. LUNA, I've done 4 courses and they don't body search or bag search you in any way.  You give them whatever electronics and medication you want them to keep safe.  They have special floor type chairs for those with back problems and there are stools to sit on if you would prefer to kneel.  There were those sitting with their backs against the wall and also those sitting on normal chairs to meditate.

    I did two courses in India and two in Australia and they were all with the exact same video discourses every time making the course and teachings as objective and unaffected by opinion as possible.

    If you watch my videos you'll know how it has effected my life.  I wish you well, peace…

  2. must be amazing to go abroad compared to Ontario Canada, anyhow i'm sure it will be brilliant. Nothing like the one in INDIA WITH REAL teachers and not video discources which i a sure that they do here.

  3. i am going soon, do they check your bags cause i think they are denying my from the meds i am on that are not "intoxicants' AND am so ready for this exp. due to electronics guess they dont check.PLEASE share exactly how was this experience, i can already feel my back and body aching, can you lie down or sit against the wall while bedroom meditation choice. or chair in hall 4 people w legit back problems! How exactly did this chg ur life after til now? how hard was it? Details? Namaste & POI

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