What’s my daily driver? Android vs iOS! – #AskDom 3.0


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Ask Dom 3.0 – In this episode I talk about my daily driver, 4K smartphones, iPhone 6s features, VR headsets for gaming, YouTube tips & tricks, and iOS vs Android! Links for everything you need are below! ▶Subscribe: http://mcmx.in/sub-dom

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45 thoughts on “What’s my daily driver? Android vs iOS! – #AskDom 3.0

  1. #AskDom  Do u think the new Samsung will replace iPhone 6?… I'm a Big Fan of iOS and Cydia (Which I'm not 100% happy with apple keeping you from jailbreaking your phone or blocking any possibility to do it with their updates)  … and sometimes I think I can't live without it but if the new Samsung comes up with all this new features people talks about… I'll definitely add a new phone to my pocket…

  2. Hey Dom, I am doing a project in a similar way that you film your review's, for my school coursework. I was wondering what you use and how its is set up? 

    Thanks So Much Alex O'Sullivan

  3. Im not even joking when I say out of all the current top tech reviewers ( MKBHD,etc) I really enjoy the format, presentation and overall flow of your vids a little better than the rest. Keep up the great work man.

  4. 4k screens on a smartphone sounds like something Samsung would do. It's completely unnecessary and only for those people that have low self-esteem's and need to brag about the size of their screen.

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