Who’s Online? PHP, MySQL, JS, OpenJS Grid


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We can make some awesome who is online scripts by deleting all from the database where they haven’t been active for the last 10 minutes.

for this tutorial we use OpenJS Grid

9 thoughts on “Who’s Online? PHP, MySQL, JS, OpenJS Grid

  1. @optikalefxx Thanks for taking the time to answer back, and thanks for a little more info on CornerStone, now you have me more interested ;).

    Being very new to all this i am learning MVC from CodeIgniter and learning good practices and jquery from your videos.

    Thanks again

  2. @tkuchel In good time. Its under heavy use right now in several of my projects, so ill know if it can handle the world or not. But cornerStone is really a framework for frameworks. My thought is that every project might require a bit different core framework, so cornerstone is super light and just kind of sets up an OOP environment for you build a framework out of for your app.

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