Why do big Companies use Java, and NOT PHP?


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Java vs PHP. More specifically, why is Java (and .NET) used by larger companies and PHP tends to be used by small medium sized business?

Are there technical limitation in PHP 7 that prevent it from being used in big companies? Does Java and .NET share capabilities that PHP lacks? Or, is there something else going on?

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25 thoughts on “Why do big Companies use Java, and NOT PHP?

  1. Many large enterprises need code reuse too. If I develop components for a web app in . Net they can accrue value for a future desktop or mobile application. Type safety is important too.

    I use both PHP and . Net. I do think .Net is easier and much faster to put a site together if you use MVC because Visual Studio builds the scaffolding for you.

  2. Hello Stefan thanks for all the great videos and your honest opinions. Can you your opinion on the state of Java programming. With the fact that Oracle is charging for the use of Java and the six month update cycle and the fact that all the tools one could use to program with this language are struggling to keep up. Outside of someone who uses this at work it seems that as someone new to Java why would you pick up this language other than a requirement for wok. Thanks n advance!

  3. I think Java is a good choice if you are a very large organization which is going to use the code for decades. Many banks are exactly like that. Remember, most of them still run mainframes and COBOL. Can you get PHP version X support for 10-20 years? Probably not.

  4. I think the "easy of use" argument is really important here. I mainly do C#, I initially learned how to code properly in C#, that's why I'm heavily in favor of for example proper typing in languages, unlike python or javascript.
    But I was fairly surprised how quickly I can make something work in python/js. But it comes at a price, properly written C# Code would be a lot "safer" and would handle errors much better.

  5. Hi Stefan, your videos are always informative and to the point. My background is a bit different than most, “ I guess!”
    I am currently going through my Master in Finance, however, based on your experience which programming languages would you say are mostly used within the Finance industry? – your input will be truly appreciated.

  6. Hey Stefan, do you have any thoughts on front-end frameworks/libraries like React and Angular? They seem to take away most of the back-end templating work.

    If the web is moving towards web apps that do most of the templating on the front-end, and creating a RESTful API in NodeJS or Go is very easy, does it make much sense to learn PHP or Java in 2018? It seems like 90% of the advantage of using PHP has been moved to front-end JS?

  7. Good day Stefan, I know that you said go ahead and learn any programming language once you learn one the rest would come easy to learn.. I want to invest in learning Dart & Flutter SDK. Flutter is new, do you think it might have a great future as it’s backed by google?

  8. Because most of these big companies are run by fucking idiots mainly old men who think writing 50000 LOC for a function is better than in php that would take about 200 LOC

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