Windows 10 Android Emulator final verdict AMIduOS VS Bluestacks


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My verdict is in, I prefer AMIduOS Android emulator for the simple reason that is creates from the start a more common android environment, I dont like the fact that bluestacks pushes crappy apps on the free version

8 thoughts on “Windows 10 Android Emulator final verdict AMIduOS VS Bluestacks

  1. When I tried opening leaddroid game store google play, it took too long to load, also I tried bluestacks, memu, droid 4x, and Nox, Genymotion, Snapchat isn't working. I know my user and password. it just acted like it was outdated, i tried installing the older version of Bluestacks and Nox, it wasn't making an effort to load. I do have Andy Android, Camera photos work but not videos, you can't directly drop a photo or vid, have to use google drive to download photos, Does anybody know a better android emualtor or software? if yes then please send me a link.

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