XBox One X vs. PS4 Pro – Gear Up^


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XBox One X vs. PS4 Pro – Gear Up^
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Which console is better, the PS4 Pro or the XBox One X? Which is more powerful? Do the upgraded consoles have true 4K support at 60 fps? Looking at everything from the size of the units to price and backwards compatibility, VR support and what games are available, this is everything you need to know about Microsoft and Sony’s new upgraded…

49 thoughts on “XBox One X vs. PS4 Pro – Gear Up^

  1. 4:43 "I'm gonna have to call it a draw". On comparing the games. Bottom Line it's Uncharted, the Last of Us. God of War, Spider Man 2018, Gran Turismo, Shadow of the Colossus, Ratchet and clank, Horizon Zero dawn, Until Dawn, Nier Automata, Bloodborne, Infamous, Yakuza 6, & Persona 5…VS. Halo, Gears of War, Forza, & Cuphead…Its absolutely an easy choice 👌🐸☕. You don't know shit watch mojo. Bring back Dan Paradis!

  2. Great video kepp the good work.

    I think that the Xbox is more powerful, but for popularity ,games and exclusives ps4 is the over all winer. Xbox doesn't stand a chance and if we speak about the price you can buy ps4 in 4K for 300$ if there is a discount (For example: Christmas or Black Friday).

  3. They are both great systems. I bought the X new and got the Pro used. Each has their own exclusives, and they are great. But for third party games the X is the winner. I fucked up by buying Wildlands for my Pro, should of of got it on the X. Its a game system, have fun with them or it. No need to argue, just team up and beat up the Switch kids.

  4. I’m sorry watchmojo……but….. did you just say…..that Xbox actually has just as many good exclusive titles as the PS4….. and fail to mention god of war and the last of us which are two of the highest rated games of all time….and gave them a tie in that category…..? Where’s the unsubscribe button?

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