31 thoughts on “You Can Get ALL GUNS FREE in Pixel Gun 3D Instantly!! (iOS/Android)

  1. Android and ill really want to have every gun becuse i dont know all the guns that are on the game becuse the hightest level i get is 22 the i always give Up so that's why i want to have every gun on the game ill always enjoy your vídeos have a nice day

  2. I Play On iPhone 6+ on an iOS Device.

    I Would Like To Get All The Weapons In Pixel Gun 3d Due To The Fact That I Have Been Playing For Over A Year And I Am STILL On Level 29 And I Really Want To Be Good At Pixel Gun 3d Like You; I've Been Watching Your YouTube Videos For Over A Year Now And They're So Damn Wicked!! So Please Nominate Me For Getting This Account!

    I Would Really Appreciate It As No Other YouTuber Has Ever Did This Kind Of Thing.

  3. Hi, I have a iOS iPod

    I would like all the guns because I can’t get gems and coins and I can’t spend money I can’t win any games on high levels because I have bad coin guns so I need/want the guns please!!! 😭😁 btw love your channel !!! (I have no Facebook or Twitter or Instagram so comment how to keep in touch with me if I win)

  4. I play Pixel Gun on a Motorola G6 Plus. It's on Android. I would like all guns in pixel gun because I have been playing since it was released and love it but up until now I've been playing on iOS and since I got an Android device I've had to start over… This really upset me and I would be VERY greatful if I won the competition.

  5. I play Pixel Gun on a Alcatel. it's on Android. I'd like all of these weapons In Pixel Gun 3D in order to finally be at at the same level as my best friend. They're level 30 and I'm stuck at 20 and can't level up and get any good weapon. I want to finally win a match for once!!

  6. I being bully by those guy and I fell unfair my sis have a acc that have all weapon he kill me and always tell me to duel to him and I keep die 😠 and my device is android name is
    WarWolf Gaming YT

  7. Hi I play pixel gun on a iPhone 5s (iOS) I would like all the guns because I am in level 31 and i have bad guns so my friends trouble my at school so I want to show them that I have nice guns

  8. I have an iOS. I would like to have this account because I never really was able to win an account before and it would be my happiest day for winning something in my life. And another reason to have the account is to play with my friends at school, they all are a better level at me and it would be great to have the account because so I can play with my friends and have a lot of fun with them. Thank you for reading! I hope I win! And good luck to those other people!

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