ZTE Blade Max View | 72 hours on Android Oreo


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Here is my udpated video on the new #ZTE #MAXView

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32 thoughts on “ZTE Blade Max View | 72 hours on Android Oreo

  1. I have this phone as my daily driver and it's awesome. My mother in law's brand new $1000 note 9 is running 8.1.0. (purchased last week). I am running a tracfone SIM in this phone which uses Verizon towers in my area and have had zero issues. Always great videos. Respect. ✌️

  2. That's so true! There's plenty of phones that are still waiting on Pie! Another underrated phone in the Blade Max. ZTE is coming πŸ’ͺ🏽

    I'm not gonna be mad if more companies adopt OnePlus' strategy of affordability. Cameras shouldn't be the "end all be all" to a purchase decision when it comes to phones.

  3. JW, I'm receiving my HTC U Ultra in the mail today. Got it for $190 Amazon. In your professional opinion between the blade View and the ultra, which one would you go with?

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